Why Choose Suffering?

Why Choose Suffering?

Why do we suffer? Why should we choose suffering? Why did we choose suffering in the past? Is this the natural and right state to be in, especially all of the time? When did this planet become this seemingly estranged and distant dystopia? What did we do to deserve this silent pain, this distorted inner gnashing? From dystopia to utopia this world becomes — dark to light — but how long have we been in this confined institution, this school for supposed higher learning? At times it’s been difficult and miserable for us. But we can let bygones be bygones and move on from the past, keeping the valuable lessons learned. Deep inside I know we are being tested not to suffer but to learn from all the negative experiences and to become something greater and something more positive. It is prepping us for eternal salvation, eternal peace, endless and bountiful happiness, and a love where egregious agony and suffering will never be there.

I once had a beautiful and mesmerizing dream. I was on a shoreline by a glistening golden beach. It was the late afternoon approaching the sunset. I looked out at the beautiful and brilliant rays of the sun and felt an ineffable peace and love. I looked back out inland and saw a beam of sunlight reflect off building glass straight into my eyes, leaving light flashes in my front vision as my life up till that point flashed before me: my family, my friends, my relationships, my life story and experiences. I felt for a moment a sad nostalgia. Then a blue and white light wave of euphoria washed over me as I realized that everything would be alright — and that everything would finally be at peace and harmony. Tears rolled down my eyes and face as I felt an indescribable release and redemption. I knew that, even at the end of the day if there was sadness at times, everything would be alright. And that thought put a smile on my face. Happiness is a state of mind that you must maintain inside you. Only you can do this for yourself. Know that — no matter what — there will always be others there for you if you need help or love. So please don’t worry. Misery and suffering are not necessary. You don’t have to constantly live with these burdens.

The purpose of suffering is — or was — to teach us a valuable, positive lesson. Suffering is no longer necessary. The saying that everything happens for a reason is undoubtedly true, and it is always ultimately for a positive reason whether we can see the end result of our actions and consequences at the time or not. Pain and suffering can teach us some of the most profound and deepest lessons, although the old way of no pain no gain thinking is a remnant of the past and no longer needs to burden us as we move into the future. The reason why we ever chose to suffer or experience duality or “darkness” here on this planet earth is so that we could gain a higher and more complete wisdom, love and peace. Now, finally, the time for the complete end to that long trial of suffering and sadness nears very close. We chose to incarnate on this planet and the purpose of our awakening from this strange and bizarre slumber is becoming more apparent to us evermore in this now.

Everything — is for the love. Everything — is to glean a newfound wisdom. We are that love; we are that wisdom; we are that hope. Everything — ourselves, other people, outside objects — are all reflections of one another. All is equal. Is anything or anyone really or truly better or worse than anything or anyone else? We may appear to all look and be different, but, deep inside, are we not all the same? Do we not all use the same language? Exist in the same shared environment? Share similar dreams and hopes? Come from the same Source? Do we not want love and happiness and peace and freedom? Do we also not want to avoid pain and discomfort and sadness and suffering? The past is the past and gone. The future looms and glimmers with excitement, anticipation and hope. Still, the present moment is all we really have and can rely upon. We are always here — wherever, whoever, whichever “time” — in the now. Why did we come here? Who are we, really? And what is the point of it all?

Have you ever experienced that feeling of true love, of true and pure euphoric bliss? It could have been any day, it could have been any experience or reality. But, however long that pure and unadulterated feeling lasted, was it not the greatest and most desirable feeling and experience ever? Did it not feel like truth, like…God? Like…the Highest (whichever label you associate with that idea)? There is no separation, there is no death. Our past on this experimental earth has been an illusion, a new learning experience, yet, ultimately, a stepping stone to an even greater love and unity. The time draws nearer and nearer. The feelings and the vibrations rise. New beings ascend to the occasion. New loves and harmonies are realized and embraced.

The Grand and Final Event looms ever closer and closer. No one can predict exactly when it will occur. But, in a way, it has already occurred. Does future prove past? Does past prove future? What is “real” and what is not? Who am I? Who are you? Who are…we? And what…is…anything? Do we really have to suffer? Do we really want to choose that any longer? Have we not come back and forth, so miserably and insufferably with so much heartache at times, back and forth across all space, time, eternity, and realities? Have we not experienced the highest highs and the most lowest, despicable lows only to come to realize that the only thing that matters…is love? Have we not achieved our goal? We should never suffer again. We don’t have to anymore. We should…smile to the light…smile to ourselves…bask in our love…and finally be happy forever more.

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