The Final Goal Is The Ultimate Love

The Final Goal Is The Ultimate Love


We are all One. There really is only One of us. Are we not all One and basically the same? Do we all not seek and desire the same thing? Is it not true love — the ultimate love — that we all wish for? That love comes in many different shapes and forms, but is love not love? That is the ultimate goal we all seek inside, whether we realize it or not. It is really the only goal; it is the ultimate goal; it is the final goal; it is the beginning goal; it is the end goal. There really is only love, for we are that embodied love; we are the universe experiencing itself. It is sometimes difficult to grasp and accept this reality, but it is the truth. You can create that love and bliss, or you can create misery and pain; it’s up to you. Every choice and moment matters.

Because we are One, there is also that contrast: without darkness, there is no light, and vice-versa. But the right balance is intended. Would you not want more love and light in your life, however? We had that cycle of darkness; is it not now time for the light’s turn? It’s the never-ending story; it’s the same story, recycled and evolving endlessly, for it is the will of the Source. It is the play and story we choose as actors and actresses in this game of life and creation we participate in. But what’s the whole point to it all? Is it not for the love? Is it not to be happy and really enjoy ourselves? If it wasn’t for that, what reason would there be for our suffering?

You can choose the positive life or the negative life. In a way they are the same, but in another way of course they are not; they are stark opposites, constraints of duality and variety. We need the love. That’s all that really matters. Love is all there is. Many would like to disagree, but if you look deep within for the truth, matters will become crystal clear in all the fog and confusion. The love is the goal. There really is no other goal; it all stems from the One Logos, if you will. With this truth in your heart and mind, your purpose will become very clear and even obvious. You will know your mission. This is why we live; this is why we persevere.

Believe in yourself and have faith in the good fight. You are the main star in your role and movie. Don’t let the fears stop you from the true love. And now that you know what really matters, go out and get it! Get your love; find your soulmate; be with your twin flame. Be free! Be happy! Be in love! Negativity and fear only exists to make us stronger and to make the love stronger and more perfect, as well. Without darkness, there would be no light, for there are some necessary discomforts. You were always free and you are always free. The potential inside you for that divine love is always in you. You are that love; you are that light.

The old days are in the past and the new arrives today. Everyday is a gift from The One. There’s only One way — One road — One path — One consciousness — that we’re all heading towards. Never give up the noble quest to your highest hopes and dreams. It is the reason why we are alive.

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