The Fear And Insecurities Are All In Your Mind

The Fear And Insecurities Are All In Your Mind


Some would anecdotally say that 90% of the things we worry about don’t even happen. This has a logical reason in reality and it comes down to what we think and believe. From that anecdotal perspective, 90% of all the things we worry about could simply be seen as mental baggage that is senseless and ludicrous. You don’t want to keep thinking about negative, concerning ideas because you might attract more of those terrible events and circumstances into your life, which you don’t want. If you remain positive and continue that way, watch as your life improves remarkably. All the fears and insecurities only exist in the fragile constructs of your mind. As the honest truth, they cannot really hurt you — unless you allow it to. Fear is a sickness which can be cured.

When fear and anxiety suddenly pops into your consciousness, you know inside that those feelings or emotions only exist within your mind and thoughts. If you constantly face your fears and insecurities, eventually it will permanently leave you alone as you will become immune to the agitation it tries to keep giving you. The trick is in actually facing your fears and enjoying the process. Sometimes those who were most racked with fear and anxiety will come out the most courageous and the most fearless because they had to go through that so long and they had to learn a way to overcome it. And when they do finally overcome it — and liberate themselves from that suffering and dread — it will be one of the most ecstasy filled moments of their lives.

Sometimes a little bit of fear is necessary, like when you need to heed caution at a traffic intersection or when you don’t want to slip when it’s raining. However, thus far, most people have been plagued with a superfluous and unhealthy amount of apprehension and worry about everything. Wariness can prove to be vital but excessive and irrational fears are utterly useless and destructive. You have the strength to face and overcome all fears and problems and to ensconce yourself in bountiful happiness, peace of mind, and love. You can’t allow nonsensical worries to make you mess up or fail anymore; you have to trust yourself and be brave, especially if times are difficult.

Fear can be seen as an opposite of love, including hate. But why has this seemingly cruel and unharmonious duality been a daily occurrence for us for such a long, torturous time? If you think of all the gloomy, backwards duality that we have been experiencing, you will realize that everything happens for a reason, including the pain and the sorrow we had to go through. The reason is that the duality — the illusion of separation and abandonment — is teaching us a valuable lesson: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ultimately, we are all one being. When you hurt someone else, you are also hurting a part of yourself, which will eventually reveal itself to you. If all the world’s a stage and all the men and women players, would you rather choose, in this eminent, cosmic play, an eternity of fear or love? The choice is yours.

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