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Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, February 20th, 2020

Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, February 20th, 2020

My Post: Today’s exercise: Whatever happens, no matter what…don’t say anything negative about it.

I’ve got frozen shoulder, borderline migrane headache and I’m not going to complain about any of it.

Fact is, we have to focus on what we want to create – NOT ON WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE CREATED AND ARE SUFFERING FROM. Otherwise it won’t change. You’ll stay stuck in a negative loop.

It’s Universal Law. By complaining about your Now, you’re bringing more of it to bear on yourself.

Me: Ivo, can you explain this for people?

Ivo: My love, yes, I can. It is universal law. Universal law works on the knowledge of yourself as Creators, divine creators, not victims of your circumstances. You have been taught on earth that you are a victim of things that “just happen” to you, that your life is fairly random, and that you are the victim of it. Then of course, you are mind controlled in being victimized through your power over others structure. Even the perpetrator is the victim at times, of other more aggressive perpetrators.

So, you must rid yourself of this mindset. You must understand that you are creators, not victims, and if you are in a situation you find dislikeable, it is because you have created this situation for yourself. When you live in duality, you can take the positive road or the negative road. Many on your planet take the negative road – you live lives of what you do not wish to have or do and this is in order to show you what you must change. In fact, even in duality you can change your life to reflect the positive road – you can see yourself as a creator of your own good, because in fact, you are.

Negative things happen to you for positive reasons. You create negative things because you are manifesting your lower consciousness mindset. You can in fact switch by focusing on a more positive life for yourself. You must realize that you are in charge of your life at all times, absolutely. You have simply been tricked into believing otherwise and to create the reality that your deep state wants you to create – for their benefit.

Your world still works by universal law; you have simply been taught to misuse it.

Me: And you should be angry about that and want to change it.

Ivo: Focus on what you want for yourself and believe it is possible, because all is possible. You see people on your planet with ridiculous sums of wealth, fame and fortune and it is because they have created it.

Me: I find that having a certain attitude of expectation helps. Like you expect it to happen. I won’t say aggressively but you know you’re going to get this or that.

Ivo: Yes, this is self assuredness.

Me: So it’s like a GPS system. We punch in the coordinates and we’re led to where we want to be in life. You want to be at Happiness and Love Relationship, well your soul will take you there, however you’ll have to do the work to change whatever it is that makes you unhappy along the way to achieving your goal. That just makes sense, doesn’t it?

I have a goal of manifesting much more money than I currently have. So along the way I’ve been shown what it is that stops me from manifesting more money. And it’s working. The thing that was stopping me from manifesting more money was ME!! I have to say I despised money so because my focus was on not having any, I didn’t. I created that. So I had to make friends with money.

I’m now being shown through my frozen shoulder (it’s the fourth time I’ve had this condition) that I feel a lot of responsibility in life and it can be a burden at times. So I have to change my attitude and make it a happier occasion.

We’re shown everything we need to know – it’s just that we don’t know how to interpret the signs. Our physical 3D lifestyles have moved us away from interpreting our own innate wisdom.

Ivo: Yes, my love, you do not understand when you create bodily symptoms within yourselves. Your body is telling you how you feel because you are ignoring your feelings. When in fact you sit with them and understand them, a change can be made. Until then you will continue to manifest physical maladies. All illness is this. Your emotions are meant to be dealt with, not repressed to the point you will manifest illness and physical symptoms.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: To sum up, your emotions are telling you what you like and what you do not like. What you do not like, you are to change in order to make your life more amicable to you. That is how duality works. When people come into your life and they are irritating, then change the people around you or if you cannot do that, change your attitude towards them.

Everything is love. Everything is showing you the path to greater happiness and self love. You must learn to see it.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I know you have a great responsibility but you agreed to do this before you came to earth. You will see the fruits of your efforts some day but for now you are planting the seeds.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, February 1st, 2020

Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, February 1st, 2020

Your Portals | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Me: Ivo, can you please fill me in on this. Other people will want to know as well, maybe they’ve even seen portals around them. I’ll put up a sketch I drew of the portal. Of course it’s out of perspective because the portal is actually on the ceiling but I made it look like it was facing outwards because I wanted people to see the detail in it. All the flying zed’s in the portal. At first I didn’t know what this strange thing was. The whole thing was circling around the overhead light, and it dwarfed it!

Ivo: Yes, my love. We will discuss this. It is indeed your portal and you were told this.

Me: Seeing a circle with strange patterns floating around in it wouldn’t be even odd considering some of the things I’ve seen but why did I start seeing it?

Ivo: Because you were being shown what in fact you are using to get to my ship at night. Every time you fall asleep your astral body rises up into the portal. That is why it is above your bed.

Me: Hmmm. Maybe you should put it in the bathroom considering how many trips I make at night time. LOL.

Ivo: (Blatantly ignoring my comment.) It is an instantaneous journey, my love. It takes no time at all to enter into the portal and to reach my ship.

Me: But am I safe? (Intuiting that my insistence on being safe is fear-based. I’ve lived here too long.)
Ivo: Of course.

Me: So explain to me, Ivo, then what is a portal? How does it differ from a star gate? The earth has portals too.

Ivo: My love, and to all who are listening, you are so accustomed to thinking of your lives in terms of time and of space. The portal actually transcends all of time and space. As I said, the trip is instantaneous, as well as the fact that you do not have to traverse space. You are not going through your atmosphere, you are not flying by airplanes, unless that is how you choose to travel. There are some who astral travel with the birds and planes but this is because this is the point of their journey. A few times Sharon has astral projected into my ship and she saw herself flying over the mountains as I am in the western United States, she saw the blue sky and she enjoyed the feeling of the air.

Me: I took the slow way.

Ivo: You took the slow way because your conscious mind did not realize there is a portal which you can use to circumvent time and space. It is in effect, zero space, zero gravity, it is just energy and it is energy configured to take you to…yes…what is in effect another specified energy, which is my ship. It is energy which attracts energy, you being the energy.

Me: I doubt that that’s clear.

Ivo: When you travel through time and space you think it will take 15 minutes to reach the Rockies and my ship which is in space above the earth. You think of it as you would an airplane flying and you are in the seat of the airplane. However traveling via a portal is simply one energy point to another energy point. There is no space and time.

Me: Okay. That I get. Like Point A to Point B instantaneously. But are there coordinates?

Ivo: No, there are no coordinates. This is how portals are constructed. They have end points but basically no middle. There is no traversing a portal. There is no space between the points. It is instantaneous. You are here to there in a flash.

Me: So why not the other way then? The airplane way?

Ivo: Because you are using quantum navigation, my dear.

Me: Aha. So there’s not always a portal between two points, sometimes you go the slower way.

Ivo: If such could be said of our travel, slow…. Slow does not really describe it. You have astral traveled before and it was instantaneous as well. You went to what you consider to be your future. You saw your house, the one we will be using as a space port. And you were amazed because at the time you did not consider yourself a country person.

Me: So, why show me this portal then?

Ivo: Your summary is correct, my dear. The amnesia is lessening. You are beginning to remember more of your current life with me, and you already know of some of your past lives, if you wish to call them that.

Me: True. My other incarnations.

Ivo: You are learning in such a way that goes from most recent to least recent.

Me: So time does exist.

Ivo: To you it does. You understand as you have astral projected through your lives that time does not exist. You see one lifetime as clearly as the other. Your mind sees it as history and you are attempting to understand which life came before the other but in fact they are simultaneous. You can step from one to the other in a flash. This is also quantum. (Notice he said “you see one as clearly as the other,” not as “the next.” ETs don’t think in terms of time. They think in terms of possibilities.)

Me: So why are there funny zed’s in my portal?

Ivo: Energy signatures. The energy appears to physical eyes as looking like zed’s (or Zee’s for Americans).

Me: Does it make a sound?

Ivo: Yes, it has a frequency but hearing it is not your strength.

Me: Does it sound like music?

Ivo: You could call it that, but it does not sound like the Rolling Stones.

Me: Maybe they have their own portals. I fell asleep today and I saw myself doing something that reminded me of driving but it wasn’t driving a car. There was no steering wheel. I was navigating some kind of vehicle.

Ivo: Yes. You are beginning to remember. Shall we leave it at this and allow you to explore further, then you can come up with your own conclusions. (I was in a healing booth, I found out later.)

Me: Okay. So what do we want to tell the listener about portals?
Ivo: You all have one. Your personal portal. And it goes to your ship. Whatever ship you are aligned with when you go at night time, your portal will take your astral body there, as Sharon’s does. Everyone has such a portal.

Me: Does the portal follow you around or is it over your bed?
Ivo: It is in the vicinity of the person. It is always near you. Should you leave the house, it will follow you so to speak.

Me: A stalker portal. Okay.

Ivo: Suppose you should wish to leave your body during the day and go to your ship, your portal must take you. When you are in school and you begin daydreaming, you are often gone into your portal.

Me: So daydreamers aren’t really conscious?

Ivo: No. Do you feel your body when you daydream?

Me: No, not really.

Ivo: You are in a higher state.

Me: A higher state but I don’t go to my ship.

Ivo: You could.

Me: So there are higher states of consciousness and there are portals to take the light body to other locations.

Ivo: Yes. You have options.

Me: I guess the reason I’m seeing this portal is because I’ll be doing that.

Ivo: Yes, we would like to teach you to use this portal and come to the ship during your altered states of consciousness, during meditation.

Me: Oh, okay. Cool! So what about the earth’s portals?

Ivo: Yes, you can access one and go to other places.

Me: I don’t hear about too many people jetting out into portals and going to Sirius yet.

Ivo: You have. What do you think happened to the people who flew over the Bermuda Triangle?

Me: But that took their physical bodies too.

Ivo: Yes, they can go through a portal.

Me: Oh okay! So when you see images of a ship taking a person up from the surface during abductions, this isn’t a tractor beam…

Ivo: It is a portal they have created. There is artificial technology to do this as well.

Me: Wow. Space age!

Ivo: My love, there are star gates… such as you see in your sci fi, you walk through and you are in another point in history or you are on another planet or you set your mind to a place and the star gate simply gets you there. Time travel and travelling to other planets or dimensions is easy.

Me: I went to this pink place once, now that I think of it.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: What was that place? It was pink and I was doing astral somersaults all over. I felt very good, happy and free.

Ivo: You were back home.

Me: Wow! Really?! (Actually, we never left heaven, we just think we have. We’re very connected.)

Ivo: Yes. You went to where you call heaven. It was bliss.

Me: Why didn’t I see anything?

Ivo: Would you have come back if you had seen how wonderful it is?

Me: True.

Ivo: My love, your people are mind wiped, yes, because if you remembered all the details of what you left, you would never do your work. You would be too depressed living on earth.

Me: (Tapping my foot with arms crossed.) Uh huh.

Ivo: You came to work. You came to help a people survive where 5 times before, the race had died off.

Me: Okay. I’m looking for brownie points for doing this.

Ivo: It all is recognized. Your soul will reap the benefits of what she has done.

Me: You mean what I have done.

Ivo: You are your soul, my love. Begin to think that way.

Me: My soul is a cat.

Ivo: And you are her incarnation.

Me: My weird life. Okay, thank you Ivo. I hope this gives people some idea about their portals. You all have one, seen or unseen.

Ivo: Yes. You have seen yours twice already.

Me: Yes. Can anyone else use my portal?

Ivo: I can.

Me: That’s because we’re the same DNA.

Ivo: We are the same quantum spark, shall we say. Your DNA is very different from mine as you are now.

Me: Okay. Thanks Ivo.

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