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Ter ‘Aka of the Blue Avians via Galaxygirl, February 2nd, 2020

Ter ‘Aka of the Blue Avians via Galaxygirl, February 2nd, 2020

Ter ‘Aka of The Blue Avians via Galaxygirl | February 2nd, 2020

Ter ‘Aka of The Blue Avians 02/02/2020

I am seeing the Blue Avians surrounding Gaia in blue spheres. I am seeing them working with light codes and light language, adjusting the streams of light from the cosmos such that the light workers can best receive this light in their crowns. I am seeing light language code and symbols descend linearly into the crowns of the light workers on glowing white linen.

Greetings galaxygirl, greetings human friends. We are the Blue Avians. I am Ter ‘Aka . We are showing this one some of the work that is being done so that humankind can best adapt to these upgrades. You have been sick, many of you, or feeling ill because of many clearings, many upgrades. For stuck energy must be moved and it is moving. You are moving up in frequency very fast many of you, and your bodies are trying frantically to keep up. We are here today to remove the frantic, to ease the sickness of the ascension symptoms for many of you have been praying for healing, for assistance during this challenging time. January felt very long, like a year to many of you. And indeed your perception and experience of time has been shifting. It is shifting slowly but surely into the now, so that what you feel is simply now. That is why compartmentalizing time which humans have always done within a time matrix, is perplexing for time is behaving differently, as you are more and more outside of it. For you are doing your astral cleaning, you are working nightly many of you, and you are waking up more exhausted than when you fell asleep. And yet many of you are not sleeping for your bodies are busy integrating these codes of light, as this one has been seeing. Soon you will remember the hieroglyphic symbols of light, the light language codes of many you will begin to speak, to remember. Telepathy you will begin to adapt to with ease and grace.

I am Ter ‘Aka. I am female. I am here as representative of our kind to your kind. Many have spoken through other channels and many of the galactic federation, masters, teachers are now actively speaking in your channeling community. We are all finding our voice, our best path to speak with you. For we all have connections with our grounded team. We are all serving with the objective of ascension, of assistance through the energetic birth canal. I am the first blue avian female that I am aware of that has spoken in this manner. The time of the female is rising, soaring now. The divine feminine comes in all forms, all sizes, all shapes. The divine mother is here in full force now and it is most exciting of a time to bear witness.

I am Ter ‘Aka. You are not alone. You are surrounded in the skies and underfoot with light forces. Gaia herself is a major source of light now. We suggest that you utilize her tuning fork ability and tune into the higher vibrations by walking barefoot, by being outside when you can, for it will assist you. There are many modalities of healing. Pick one or two and claim your success. Claim your alignment with Source, with your highest self. Claim the light and then all things, all circumstances will be in alignment to serve you vibrationally with healing. Choose healthy foods, plenty of water. Choose fruits and vegetables. Choose to eat consciously. Fill your food with light before consuming, blessing it, thanking it, and such blessing will in turn bless your cells nurturing them deeply. For your bodies are not the same as they were last year. They are vibrating higher. Tinnitus, aches pains, dizziness, extreme fatigue, continually sinus clearing, palpitations – there are many side effects physically with ascending within a physical form and you must care for your bodies for them to withstand the flash. The older and the infirmed will perhaps be assisting from the other side for their bodies will simply not be able to keep up, to vibrate high enough on this side of life. Much death, much transition is happening and will happen. For the illusion is shattering, is moving, is morphing into the light which is truth. We do not say this to impart fear, but so that you may emotionally prepare for these coming changes. The illusion of the mist is being cleared away the by the wind of the light which is clearing the air, quite literally.

Herald to the light! I am Ter ‘Aka. With permission, I will touch my hand to your third eye igniting it further. Allow in these light codes of peace and be comforted. Allow these light calibrations to further assist in ways unbeknown to you. Accept the healing. You need not understand all effects, simply trust and know and decree:

“All physical symptoms are occurring for my benefit for my healing, for ascension within the body in the most perfect most glorious and most divinely perfect way possible. I accept my ascension. I will not fight it. I will allow the healing light codes and I will be at peace in all circumstances. For stress I banish. I am done with it. I choose peace now and the experience of the adventure of inner peace in a deep and cleansing way. I accept and welcome all of the blessings that Mother Father God, that the universe full of my galactic friends and family has to offer me. I am choosing excitement and happy expectation of all good things.”

Breathe this in. It is a lovely high vibe alignment for you. It is far too easy to align with that which does not serve. Consciously choose the light in every breath. Visualize these light language codes happily coming in glowing bright into your crown filing your body with light. And all around you will benefit.

I am Ter ‘Aka. The divine feminine is rising, equal, strong with her male counterpart of light. Exciting times are ahead for the grounded ones. Look for the good things and they shall happily find you. Be aligned with the vibration of peace. I am Ter ‘Aka.

~ galaxygirl

Antarians via Galaxygirl, January 4th, 2020

Antarians via Galaxygirl, January 4th, 2020

Antarians 1/4/2020

Greetings Gaians of the new frequency of light. We are the Antarians. We have not connected with this one in many months and we are most pleased that she can so easily pick up our frequency again. We are pleased that many of you are developing so nicely, so quickly. Truly your superpowers are coming online and it is most exciting to watch the greatest moving picture of the ages (I hear them asking themselves “Is it moving pictures or movies?”) from our cozy star system. We are not too far from you, truly. We are all neighbors. The dark visited our cluster long ago and so we understand the angst of their presence and wish to offer our own healing energies. You are all becoming stronger. You are all remembering more aptly the frequencies that you have been presented with and are becoming master frequency adjusters. It is not unique to this one. No, truly you are all doing this. No one is more elevated than another. All are equally doing lovely light work and we are most thrilled and excited. We have long feathery antenna and when we get excited our energies tend to tickle. We apologize but we do see it happening again.

Nova Gaia is exploding into light, into the higher frequencies. Soon you shall see her in all of her beauty, just as we are seeing you, Gaians, in all of your beauty. Energetically your beauty is unmatched in this sector. Oh, yes, there are many many lovely beings and ascended masters and galactic friends who are truly lovely in their strength and energy signature but truly you stand out. Your energies stand out because of all of the pain and experiences you have had and have had to deal with. They have hardened you into the glistening diamond beings that you are becoming and you are becoming more beautiful as these higher dimensional energies polish you up a bit. Rough cut diamonds are easily passed by, not being appreciated for their value because of their outer appearances. Your outer appearances shall soon reflect the inner. We see the greatest of great waves of love from the womb of the Mother, from our central sun Alcyone rippling with light and great power through this sector, very shortly. In fact, you could argue that you are in it now, experiencing it in a drawn out way. But when it comes in full force there will be no denying. Nothing will be the same. You will be forever changed. The dark ones will become dust. The light will become lighter. The joy will become deeper.

We are your friends the Antarians. We wish to provide healing for you for this one and many others have been ill and we wish to lend our feelers and many hands of comfort. Feel yourself surrounded by rainbow light, for we work with the rainbow angels, the rainbow light energies are our signature. You are in a bubble of rainbow light. We are standing around you, wings out, arms extended in service and love, great love. We send yet more rainbow light to you. You may feel a feathery ticket on your cheek for we are excited and most delighted to connect once again win our beloved Nova Gaians of the Way. (I am hearing soft bells chiming. I am feeling crystal energies surrounding me and have high humming in my ears.) We are re-toning you. Soon you will experience sound and light frequency healing as a normal part of your culture. But for now this will be a foretaste. Breathe in the rainbow light. Feel it permeate and sing in each of your cells, re-tuning them into perfection. The places of you that hurt, point them out to us, and we will expand them with more light.

We are the Antarians, eager to serve, to lend our time and talents to project Ascension Gaia. You are most loved. You are well protected. Our ships as well pepper your skies with light. You are not alone. We hope indeed that you feel uplifted from this energy healing that we have enjoyed with you. For we too are greatly uplifted from these interactions and experiences together. For we are all connected. We are the Antarians. We love you. Peace.

~ galaxygirl