Let Your Hearts Be At Peace

Let Your Hearts Be At Peace


Please don’t worry your hearts anymore. There may be uneasiness and depression at times but this negativity can not keep us down for long. Better times and better feelings await us! We will all know a true love and a pure happiness if we don’t already know that. We deserve our freedom and our peace. Gaia continues to ascend higher and higher. The funny point is, if everyone on the planet united and just laughed together one day then the entire “war” would end overnight and “The Event” would instantly happen. There doesn’t have to be any more fighting.

Fears and anxieties are illusions which don’t have to control you anymore. Show your fears love and the love in that darkness and separation will grow as well, transmuting back into light. In the end, even the darkest of nights wants to see that sharp light of the sun rise again. Inhale an extensive breath and hold that breath of peace and placidity. The peace can be there for you forever if you really want it to.

Worry only drains you and leads to sorrow, frustration, and fatigue. Once again, please don’t worry anymore, especially about silly things (you know what I’m talking about)! When it feels necessary, we should certainly have the right and inclination to worry at least a little bit when significant situations or circumstances come up. Otherwise, always living in fear and concern is not a way to live at all. It is just living a bleak existence of a life when inside you sincerely feel dead and broken.

Peace. Freedom. Love. Happiness. It is the backbone and the very fiber of the creation itself. It is what we all strive for whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Do not the highest and best experiences make life and anything worthwhile? Was that not the original purpose of darkness or duality: varied, more meaningful experiences? But is it not purposefully towards the love? Persevere in peace and hope, brothers and sisters, for the time of Heaven on Gaia is near.

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