Everything Will Always Be Just Fine

Everything Will Always Be Just Fine


Don’t let worry consume your precious hearts for long. A great love and light awaits us — it is now. In our hearts, we know this. We always seek for that peace and abundance, and so that, among many other wonderful things, we will surely have. We are the love; we are the light; we must never let that inner warmth in our beings grow dim. Sometimes it rains, but that’s perfectly fine; without water, we would not have fire. It is what it is, and the one thing that matters at the end is that we were at peace, had plenty of fun, and shared many warm laughs along the long way. But it’s not really that long; it is cyclic, like the rising of our Sun and the ascending of our Moon, and the cool, wet nights that await us. We have the spirit to guide us, and the elements of nature to nurture us and give us inspiration.

Let the peace win. There is always a way to go back to the comfort and to the ease of the mind, of which we are all always fond of, no matter who you are. There are plenty of techniques to help your mood. You could go out and exercise, meditate, eat healthier, and always just take in the fresh air. You could sit and look at the stars. Everyday it seems like they do get a little closer and a little larger. One day, in the near future, we will see it blatantly out in the skies. This will be a time of a great joy and a great ascension. This is what we have all been eagerly and somewhat impatiently waiting for: The Event. Well, everybody, don’t you worry one bit because it is coming. Soon. Now.

What matters is that you keep persisting for a greater liberation and a more complete, immaculate peace. It is promised to us by Heaven. The Company of Heaven cares about us dearly and they want us to be happy and free, too. Everyone, honestly, wants to be happy inside. Without that happiness, everything, even the darkest of realities, would have no meaning or point to it. It would be a futile, miserable endeavor, always being distracted by that unbalanced, ravenous seeking of greed or fear. You can overcome all fears by looking them straight in the eyes and accepting them as the balance they provide. But who always wants to be in a state of anxiety?

Breathe deeply and completely, letting your body sink into the soft, smooth ground. What will come will come; change is a necessary constant. Often times, it leads to more spectacular events. It is the way of the wind at times. The wind is quite refreshing and forgiving, breathing in a new life and a new strength. Every moment we get closer. It is truly exciting. Why would anyone really want to miss this amazing and liberating event?

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