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Do You Have Fear And Anxiety?

Do You Have Fear And Anxiety?

Do you ever feel fear and anxiety inside you? Have you found your life being racked with these bothersome ailments day after day? Another question to ask yourself: What kind of fear and anxiety is it? Is it general anxiety? Social anxiety? Or even a severe phobia? Ask yourself these questions. Often asking one question will lead to the start of a new question, a new door, and so on. If it’s mild anxiety, this will be easier in helping you. If it’s moderate or general anxiety, this can be easy for you. Even if you have severe anxiety or phobias, this can still help you enormously on your journey of personal and overall healing.

Fear and anxiety, especially intense and suffocating fear and anxiety, is simply not natural or desirable. If you think about it, who would really want to be in a state of fear and anxiety all the time, forever? There would be no greater Hell or suffering than that (unless you count endless physical pain — however, even excessive anxiety and stress can become physically uncomfortable and painful). So what is this honestly telling us? It’s telling us that fear and anxiety is pure suffering, especially when it goes beyond the threshold of natural alarm and caution that is intended to keep us safe and out of harm. But when did all this dread and misery become waaay blown out of proportion right in our faces? Is this how it’s supposed to be, never having peace of mind or heart or soul?

Of course it depends at least somewhat on the individual person and his or her personality, life experiences, emotional levels, and so forth. But what is it about some people that gives them so much anxiety and emotional and psychological unrest? What is the answer, the solution? It is simple. To remove the fear and anxiety inside you, to truly and completely cure it, you must just let it go. Let it go? It’s easier said than done. However, it will prove far better in the long run if you can let go of and forgive the hurt and suffering, including anyone who may have harmed you, and achieve everlasting peace. Love is the way, without needing a reason.

How does one let it go? The past trauma and the bothersome turmoil? The constant, nagging moans and groans of judgement and loathing? Those fearful voices in your head or those apprehensive feelings inside you, always seemingly grabbing at you, strangling you? I wish I could tell you that it was easy for me to overcome my fears and insecurities. But it was the  most distant and harshest reality from that. I’d consider myself young but it took what felt like forever to reach the point where I could finally accept the fear and anxiety inside myself and just…let it go. Let it be at peace. You don’t have to suffer inside anymore. You don’t have to suffer alone. Take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale in relief. It might take you some time to fully heal but sooner or later you’re surely there. This is your life. You don’t want to spend it anymore in pain or suffering.

Look deep within you at the core root and issue of your fear. What is it that you truly fear? If it’s nothing, that’s great. If not, keep asking yourself that and discover the answer. When you have that key you will be able to look at your fear and anxiety more closely and honestly and realize that it’s not real, the past is the past, and you have to move on without allowing these cumbersome, miserable illusions and delusions to keep on enslaving you insufferably and without end. The antidote you seek is inside you. External, outside influences can help you on your journey, but, ultimately, you are the guide and protagonist of your own life and of your own ill or well-being.

The Beginning And The End

The Beginning And The End



The beginning and the end are clad in mystery.

In the beginning, there is and was Infinity. This Infinity sub-divided, became self-aware, and became you, me and everything.

The dimensions or octaves go from 1 to 8 and beyond — infinite in number and sub-octaves.

We are all connected and we are all One.

All is cyclical in nature.

The beginning and the end are clad in mystery, and that is the greatest secret.