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Adama via Dianne Robbins, February 15th, 2020

Adama via Dianne Robbins, February 15th, 2020

Consciousness is Booming! | Adama via Dianne Robbins

Every thought, feeling, and action, and the words you use determine your level of consciousness.
~ Adama

Consciousness is booming!

It’s the biggest commodity expansion on the stock market. Invest in it today—it will bring you great cosmic dividends in the future.

The more you invest, the more you will always have, for you always take it with you no matter what lifetime you are in—for its value exponentially increases. It is better than the gold you leave behind at the end of each lifetime. So take the time to invest now by meditating, by exploring, and by loving yourself.

Investing in your consciousness is FREE—it is the only free commodity available on the stock market today. No dollars out of your pocket—just your time and willingness to expand your perceptions—and voila, you have it! You will be able to perceive the deceptions going on around you through your media and by your governments. You’ll see how you’ve been duped to believe in the righteousness of wars and insane American government leaders leading your country and the world to the brink of disaster.

Energy is pouring onto the Earth plane in astronomical amounts now, and people are waking up by the millions. They are waking up to the divinity of all life and are beginning to see and sense beyond their physical five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing. They are becoming aware of forces that exist in higher states of consciousness, and this alone will save the Earth. When a critical mass of people worldwide reaches this higher state of awareness, everyone will suddenly wake up and the destruction will stop. We overcome environmental destruction not through the environment, but through ourselves. In the Hollow Earth and the other subterranean Cities of Light, we learned this long ago.

Yes, a higher consciousness is where you want to be. So invest now—it is more than an investment in your self. It is an investment in the continuance of the world.

I am Adama.

This formation of a Heart appeared on top of Mt. Shasta in California, February 8, 2020. This photo was taken just after sunset, when the Mountain glowed in pink and the Heart turned bright red.

Photo credit: Andrew Oser

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

Sananda via John Smallman, February 15th, 2020

Sananda via John Smallman, February 15th, 2020

Love is both powerful and gentle.

February 15th, 2020 by John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening process, as you keep hearing from many sources, is moving forward rapidly and most effectively. More and more people, who have so far been totally engrossed in the seeming reality of their lives in form as humans, are beginning to become aware that they are far more than their bodily experiences would suggest, and are now very actively seeking knowledge about life after death, and about their spiritual heritage. This vast increase in interest and awareness is partly because all in human form at this moment chose to be here to take part in and assist with the awakening process, and partly because it is only now that they are beginning to sense – i.e. remember – that life has a much deeper meaning than focusing only on life as a human in form can provide.

Truly, humanity is awakening, and signs of this can be seen all over the world as ever more groups are forming with the intent to bring to people’s awareness nowthe earnest and heartfelt need to make essential changes in the way humanity engages with itself, and with the worldly environment which supports it and makes life as a human possible. Change is the one constant in the life of form that you are presently experiencing, and each one of you personally influences the changes that occur, so make a point of becoming aware of how you, personally, influence the changes occurring in the world around you.

Before you incarnated for this lifetime you set the intent to remember the life purpose that you had planned before incarnating at the moment that would be most appropriate for you to fully engage with it. A sense of this purpose is now arising, just as planned, and you are feeling yourselves moved to engage with life in a more loving and compassionate fashion in order to do the work that only you can do. As you move forward your awareness and understanding of your unique spiritual assignment will become increasingly clear, enabling you to let go of any doubts or sense of inadequacy that may attempt to persuade you that you are not qualified for the tasks that you have set yourselves.

Remember you are never alone, and that assistance is always available from your support team in the spiritual realms if you will only call on them. However, many of you feel unheard and unanswered when you do call on them, and this is because often you only call when you are feeling desperate or overwhelmed, and when you feel like that your minds tend to be in a constant state of uproar as your egos go into panic mode, and the clamor of your thoughts drowns out the gentle guidance that you are being offered. Frequently your sense of overwhelm is caused by events over which you have no control, which leaves you feeling helpless and inadequate. However, that is not the case, you are neither helpless nor inadequate, you just need to focus on what you can do in a situation, as opposed to focusing on what your egos keep telling you needs to be done, and which it seems you cannot do. Each one of you is capable of making an enormous difference in the world when you just set and maintain the intent to be only loving whatever arises.

Love is both powerful and gentle. You do not have to take violent physical action to correct situations that are causing trouble, and history makes it clear that this has never worked. Gentle persuasion, offered lovingly and without judgment or condemnation, is extremely effective, and there are very few among you who have not experienced this personally, or at least seen others effectively dealing very successfully with issues in this manner. You have enormous power when you engage lovingly with life, and before you incarnated, knowing this, you did set the intent to be loving whatever arose. Now is the time for you to put that plan into effect.

One most effective ways in which you can open your awareness more fully, so that you can receive or access the information you need to complete your awakening assignment, is to allow yourselves to trust that all is divinely taken care of, and to realize that all you need do is to flow freely with the energies of the Tsunami of Love which have enfolded the planet to guide her forward. All is moving forward perfectly toward your awakening, so just let go of the doubts and anxieties relating to the news of conflicts, epidemics, and political chaos on which the media of every nature is constantly focusing its and your attention. Yes, there is much going on that needs to be dealt with, and so major changes are being planned and considered so that humanity can move forward humanely and compassionately into the new era that will lead to an end to conflict. The realization is becoming apparent to increasing numbers of people that conflict is a totally inadequate and ineffective way in which to attempt to resolve any kind of disagreement, either on an individual scale or on an international one.

Conflict has never served humanity except to demonstrate how utterly inadequate engaging with it is if you really wish to resolve issues and problems. Frequently, over the eons, people who have allowed their egos to control and direct their thoughts, words, and actions have enjoyed punishing and destroying those they have considered to be wrong, and therefore their enemies. Nevertheless, those same people have also suffered enormously due to their behavior, when the treatment that they have meted out to others is later used against them. Many are in pain and suffering, and the antidote is Love.

The time for conflict is over, especially now as you understand the immense destructive power of modern weapons that technology has made available, and which ever -increasing numbers of military organizations are deploying as “defense systems!” When new weapons are invented an intense need to use them arises because those who have control of them, while possibly being bright and intelligent people, tend to have an emotional age of somewhere between approximately eight and fourteen years, and thus have an intense desire to see these new and exciting weapons in action! Many grew up in abusive environments and learnt to be street smart, which means generally taking preemptive action to ensure their survival, and as a result they never matured as human beings, because they believed that they had to be constantly on guard against surprise attack.

To mature as a human, and to then evolve spiritually, as has always been your collective intent, it is essential to take time out to be quiet daily in a space in which you feel safe. During that time the nudges and reminders from your support team in the spiritual realms can bring to your attention the awareness that you are a spiritual being having a temporary experience in form. When this happens an intense interest in the real purpose of your human life makes itself felt, leading to ever deeper excursions into the depth of your being where Love resides permanently.

These quiet times need to be available from very early childhood, and yet many children are constantly encouraged to be doing things with no time available to just be quiet. The cultures in which most children grow up tend to encourage non-stop activity – and little ones do need lots of activity as their bodies grow and develop – leaving very little time for quiet reflection. And yet children do need regular time periods during which they can reflect on what is happening to them as they grow from infancy to adulthood, and in doing so they can start to become aware of the absolute vastness of their inner space. Day-dreaming is good for everyone, especially when you dream about engaging lovingly with others in honor, respect, and love. Love is your nature, as you very well know, so to spend time in contemplation of that nature, your divine nature, strengthens and inspires you, leading you to greater self-knowledge and intense inner peace. And doing that is part of the task you set yourselves before incarnating, so, as I have asked you so often, please make sure to take time out daily for this essential practice. When you do, you will start to see the Love that resides in everyone else.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Message From the Angels via Ann Albers, February 15th, 2020

Message From the Angels via Ann Albers, February 15th, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Not a single soul has more power over you than you do. Your feelings are your feelings. Your vibration is your vibration. Your spirit is yours and yours alone, and it has power and dominion over your body, your vibration,and therefore over the external circumstances that affect you in your outer life.

If you remain connected to the Divine then, truly “although you walk in the valley of shadow of death you will fear no evil,” for evil is an illusion. All is love. Evil is that which forgets its true nature. Evil is the ax that chops off an arm rather than renders the fallen tree fuel for the fire. Evil is the atomic energy, intended to power cities, that is used instead for the bomb that destroys lives. Evil is the person who is so wounded they feel it OK to hurt you… but are these things and these souls really evil dear ones? Not in our eyes. Never in our eyes. They have simply been misused. They have simply forgotten their light.

Regardless of the world and those around you, if you could remain steadfast in your light, you could walk with bombs going off around you and remain unscathed. In complete connection with the Divine, you could hug someone with a highly contagious disease without fear of contracting the very same. We certainly don’t advocate doing these things while you are still seeking to reconnect with your essential self. You are not yet ready, for when you have even a tinge of fear or doubt in the light and power of the Divine, you allow these things to enter your vibration. You allow yourselves to be affected by them.

There is nonetheless, a deeper truth. Nothing, no one – no virus, no scoundrel, no ex-spouse, no parent, no boss, no murderer – has more power over you than your Light when you are in connection with the Divine.

Your light, God’s light, is millions of times more powerful than any darkness, than any who forget or are misused. Your light illuminates a singular truth. Evil is an illusion. There is only light that remembers, and light that forgets.

The light and love within you want to connect only with the light and love in your outer world. It has no desire to connect with their darkness. It desires only to shine through their darkness until they too can see their own light.

This love within you wants to shine upon the illusions of the world, and say, “I see you! I see the true nature of your soul. Even if you are lost in illusion and darkness, I know who you really are. I am the light, and love, and health, and wealth, and happiness, and harmony, and unity – the field of infinite potential that lives in all and breathes as One in all! I exist beneath your illness, your pains, and your suffering, waiting to arise and dissolve them in the light of my love! I am One with the light beneath all sadness, all anger, all upset, all jealousy. I see beneath illusion. I connect only with your light.”

And so, dear friends, the more you strive to embrace yourself with love, and the more you try to see the light emerging in even the darkest situations, the more you will feel the love, the light, and the Presence of the Divine within you. Likewise, the more you will see it in all creation.

The more you find time in silence to connect to the vast, expansive nature of your true being, the more you will remain untroubled by your challenges, by the world, by others, and by the situations around you. Even the thoughts within you that try to dislodge you from your joy will dissolve into greater truth.

As a tree rooted in the earth and reaching to the heavens remains steady in the storm, so too, you – rooted in love – will weather the storms of life with a steady and abiding faith. You will at first imagine, then you will come to believe, and at long last you will simply know and experience the goodness and love that exist beneath all illusions of darkness, pain, and suffering.

Don’t fear the world, dear ones. Don’t fear the politicians, the viruses, the wars, the crimes, the anger and hatred. Pray for them. Send it/them your light. Refuse to believe that darkness has any true power. Witness, with your inner sight and imagination, the light attempting to rise up within all things and all beings. Keep your own vibration in a higher space so you can ripple your joy, your love, your peace into the very vibrational fabric of humanity.

With practice, light is all that you will experience. You will witness the darkness, but you will know, feel, and live within a deeper truth. All is One. All is Love. All pain, suffering, and darkness are only illusions that you, or others, could be anything less.

Though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Mike Quinsey Channels His Higher Self, February 14th, 2020

Mike Quinsey Channels His Higher Self, February 14th, 2020

14th February 2020. Mike Quinsey.

As time passes and the vibrations continue to lift up so gradually the degree of negativity on Earth will decrease. In fact there will come a point where only the positive energies will exist and that means the end of the dark Ones, as they cannot exist at the highest levels. By such a time the “Event” will most likely have taken place and those souls whose vibrations had been sufficiently lifted up, will have ascended. Already many souls are sensing that the changes they are going through are an indication of something “big” that is going to happen.

Many know that the end times were predicted but there was no certainty of them, except that the year 2012 was looked upon as a key time when something special was expected to happen. Since that year many prophesies have been linked with it and the numerous Earth changes taking place are seen as a sign that major ones are underway. Some are worried that it is the end of the world but it is not just the end, but a change that sees the present third dimension giving way to the fourth dimension. It is the reason why only beings that have prepard for it will find themselves moving into that level.

Every soul will move on and all will find themselves at a level that matches their own vibrations. It will be the beginning of a New Age of beauty and peace not experienced in your lifetimes. Each soul will continue their evolution so that they continue to evolve, and eventually reach another end time when they will again have an opportunity to ascend. As previously they will be helped to progress and instead of starting all over again, will commence with the advantage of what they had gained from previous lives.

Many souls are awakening because of the higher vibrations and beginning to understand the true purpose of life. They also realise that every soul is linked to each other and beginning to understand the concept of all life being One. That comes from understanding that all intelligent life forms have the Spark of the Creator within. It is why in the scheme of things you periodically return to the Godhead, only to be sent out again for further experience. That is putting it in a simplistic way for easier understanding as you are in the early stages of evolution. Yet you have had sufficient experiences to have evolved to the point of ascension.

With the present difficulties that exist upon Earth, making headway is not easy yet it is a test of your resolve to stay peaceful and loving to all souls. If you have the right frame of mind you would not find it difficult to achieve, and it helps by seeing all souls as equal to yourself and on the same journey. By your example you can help other souls understand what they need to do to continue evolving. It is understandable that many have the desire to ascend as they no longer feel “at home” in the lower vibrations with all of the negativity that takes place. That is your challenge, and if you can maintain a calm, peaceful and loving attitude where other people are concerned you will succeed.

You have come a long way to reach this point in your evolution, and it is why you are being given much help to ensure you have every opportunity to ascend. If you could glimpse what lays ahead for those who are successful you would not hesitate to put every effort into your life right now. If you feel that you have failed do not despair and keep your focus on your goal as you may not after all have created such a problem as you may imagine. Never give up as all experience is valuable in your quest to rise up.

It is as well that as far as possible you prepare yourselves for the changes that are coming, even although they may be far away at present. Many advancements are just waiting to be introduced but as always it has to be at the right time. As you will know by now, the Illuminati have done their best to hold you back and been quite successful. However, little by little some advancements have been introduced that have helped you to enter the New Age. Some changes to come will be so far reaching that how you live now will seem very antiquated.

Society will change well beyond anything you can presently imagine. So there is much to look forward to when you shall at last benefit from amazing advancements that will take a lot of drudgery out of your lives. Keep hold of your vision of the future as in part you are responsible for which changes manifest. Hovering in the background is the “Event” but regardless of it life will go on as usual. After all you are still growing through your experiences and many of you have a part to play in them. All of you will eventually find your right place, so that the changes will result in all souls moving into a level that reflects their stage of evolution at that time.

There is much help needed by many people at this time, still suffering from the ravages of war that on some cases has meant that they have never had a permanent home. It is of course tied in with the outworking of karma, whilst at the same time offering other people opportunities to show their kindness and sympathy to others in need. Great numbers of people have been displaced by wars or the threat of wars, and their needs allow others to show sympathy and help in their time of need. People look to their leaders for direction and encouragement but they are not always awake or willing to act, through lack of concern or understanding of their plight. Obviously the greatest help will come from the ET’s who have been patiently waiting for mankind to commence putting their Earth into a restored state, that undoes the harm and damage that has left you with polluted and poisoned soil and oceans. They look to you to make a start and show a positive intent to right the wrongs that have taken place,

We leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, January 31st, 2020

Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, January 31st, 2020

Dear Ones,

Many of you are concerned you have a small role to play in the next act of your transition play. Such is not true. For even shining your beacon of love is beyond your original earth expectations in this lifetime. But then, you have been an overachiever throughout your Universal existence. For you were created to create, not merely to hold a place for others.

Of course, you wish for us to relay your new role in more specific words than finding your joy. You wish us to tell Jamie or Steve she/he is to be or do this. We, of the Universes, cannot for you are in an amorphous phase. You have not yet formed anything of substance that directs you to where you wish to be. So it is you are waiting for a current to curse through your veins, directing you to this or that. But until you fully know who you are, we of the Universes do not either.

Many of your guides and angels experienced life on the earth. Their words of wisdom were a result of their understanding of 3D earth. The same was true for you. So it was that crystal ball, Tarot, tea leaf readings, etc. were action plans based on past and current events.

But because your new love-based future continues to be formulated, no one, including you, has definite bearings about what you want to do in the next few months. The outcome is a given – a world of love and joy. The steps to that outcome have not yet been formalized.

In 3D, the need to claim territory, family, community, social mores, etc. combined with a personality type in a fear-based world significantly reduced the number of probable actions. Even though readings offered possibilities, those possibilities were a repeat of what had occurred for eons.

In this new earth, there are no givens, not even personality types, to formulate accurate action plans. Discovering your joy and negating fears has created unlimited possibilities.

So the question continues to be, “What and where is your joy?” For as you release your fears, your joys shift. What you loved yesterday is no longer. And what you will love tomorrow is not yet apparent. So it is you cannot yet determine who you are any more than can we of the Universes.

As you shift, your joys shift. And as your joys shift, those around you shift accordingly. For you have likely narrowed your action/companion base to a few. Those few are taking their cues from you. Not because you are their leader, but because you understand this amazing transition better than they do.

Your role seems to change daily, as do your interests and skills. Allow that to be. Just as you once allowed yourself to be an infant learning to shake a rattle and turn over.

Even though you might smile at the infant analogy, you are in a similar place in your joy tapestry thread. You know you want to be “over there,” but you do not yet have the skills to get there. So day by day, you test this and that joy to find those pieces that make you whole.

Some of you need to allow the phrase “make you whole” roll around a bit in your inner-being. For you know, you are a star creator, a god/goddess of the Universes. But just as it was when you were an earth infant, you are creating your interest areas. Do you wish to fly, walk, or merely be?

You are a new being in a new world. So you cannot determine who you are becoming any more than most toddlers know what their vocation/adult interest areas will be.

Perhaps such a thought seems overwhelming for you have wanted to know your role for months, if not years. All the while, believing this transition was merely a blip on your earth screen.

You are a wondrous creator being just beginning to understand your possibilities. For the next few weeks, you will be much like an infant quickly moving from shaking a rattle to stacking blocks to racing on a motorcycle. Yes, racing a motorcycle is the correct phrase. For you will not require years as do humans to shift from infant to adult. You will do so in the next few weeks.

Allow your interests to shift weekly, perhaps daily. For as you shed more and more of your 3D earth being, you will discover layer after layer of creativity and interests. Creative skills that will rebuild the earth in ways you cannot yet imagine. For you have increased your action base from helping 3D earth transition to dimensions beyond, to rebuilding that which now seems lost. Allow yourself to flow with this growth and seemingly constant shift from who you thought you were to your new action being.

You are in the processing stage of self-formulation.

You will discover you are not necessarily who you thought you would become based on your 3D reality, but instead someone more magnificent than you can imagine.

Perhaps you fear you will not become that new entity until it is too late. A bit like a teen who wants to date at age 13 even if he or she is not ready to do so.

You are at the beginning stages of your beyond 3D being. Not in terms of beaming your light, but in knowing who you wish to be in this new world. So do not fret if you have no definite direction within yourself – you are evolving minute by minute.

Allow yourself to follow your joy, and you will evolve rapidly. Continue to expect this action to be IT, and you will merely slow your progress – as that action might have felt right yesterday, but not necessarily tomorrow.

You are an essential participant in this shift from fear to love.  But no one including us, of the Universes, knows precisely what you will “bring to the table.” Your role is to follow your joy, for as you do so, your beacon shines. Worrying or contemplating a future that is not yet time for you to name or describe will merely slow this process.

It’s time to be you. Just as you allow infants to be who they need to be as they explore what they are interested in exploring. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, February 2nd, 2020

The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, February 2nd, 2020


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been taking as much of your time as we possibly can to begin this process of discovery with all of you. We are here to discover what is possible with you. We are excited to uncover the possibilities for what we can accomplish together, and that is one of the most significant reasons for why we keep coming to you through channels like this one and in the astral plane. We like to explore what the combination of your consciousness with ours can do on the global scale and on the galactic scale, as we seek to play as big a role as we possibly can in humanity’s ascension. That desire springs forth from our curiosity about what is possible.

Now, you are there on Earth at this time to discover what is possible when you combine a fourth dimensional human with Source Energy amidst a sea limitations that you were born into. And so, you are there to not only move past the built-in limitations of physicality, duality, and the third and fourth dimensions, but you are also there to go further than any humanoid being has ever gone while in a fourth dimensional frequency range. That really is the goal of your souls.

You are ascending. That’s what’s happening. And it’s going to happen with or without your conscious participation. Your conscious participation makes the experience better for you, and in this time that you have now in between where you are and the completion of your ascension to 5D, you have the ability to go further than anyone has ever gone before in your unique set of circumstances. And so, you are there to work with beings like us to take Source Energy in a physical body further along, and it is always going to be our desire to see what role we can play in that spectacular undertaking that you have been a part of for so many lifetimes there on Earth.

Believe us when we say that being on Earth and reincarnating there over and over again is not a sign that you are somehow less evolved as a soul. In fact, it’s a sign that you were up to the challenge again and again and again, and it is so much more of an enviable position than you realize. Now, those of you who have awakened to the truth that you and everyone else around you is Source Energy masquerading in a physical body have cracked that code. And now you just have to put that knowing into a greater being-ness, a greater sense that you carry with you everywhere you go.

That’s the way to move beyond what has already been done before and what has already been experienced by Source through other fourth dimensional beings. So here we are, in the ninth dimension, in between all of you and Source, and we are looking to boost you up, to co-create with you, and to see how far we can go when we work together. And if you are interested in coming along for that ride, we are always available. We are all around. And if you can tap into that eagerness and excitement that we feel, you certainly can go to those new heights with our assistance.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Federation of Light Through Blossom Goodchild, February 2nd, 2020

The Federation of Light Through Blossom Goodchild, February 2nd, 2020

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild | February 2nd, 2020

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, February 2nd, 2020

Hello there! Giving it another go, to see if we are able to communicate. So much going on for everyone. So many Energies of all Vibrations flying around and yet, onwards we march! How is it where you are and do you fancy a swap?

Dearest Blossom. Welcome to you and may our Energies be compatible … Indeed, ALL Energies be compatible in order for us to chat and discuss as we like to do.

You are correct in saying about the different Vibrations. This is what is causing so much upheaval for everyone in these times. As the Vibration of your Planet is lifting into a more deserving position, it is rejecting Vibrational magnetic fields that ‘want to come along for the ride’. The struggle between the Higher and the lower frequencies is an unruly dance conducted by the lower sensations and this is what is causing so much ‘unforgettable’ disturbance.

Why do you say ‘unforgettable’?

Because is it not a term used to ‘remember’ if we look at it that way?

I guess so. Yet, I wouldn’t really want to remember this particular time as it is not one to put in the ‘Fondest memories’ album.

And yet WHEN THS IS ALL OVER … WHEN EVERYTHNG THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID AND DONE IS SAID AND DONE … you WILL remember it and look back fondly upon it because it is recognised as the ending process of the old … as you bring in the New.

The New shall bring such Strength and Happiness to all.

The New shall allow you to FEEL the YOU that you TRULY are.

Everyone, including myself, seems to be feeling so vulnerable. So much is happening to so many … is it absolutely necessary for this to take place on an individual, personal level? So many needing to be in hospital, so many being served up what I consider to be unnecessary predicaments that are far from pleasant. I mean why does it have to be so personal when the clearing of Energies is ‘in the air,’ if you get me?

Yet you are all One and the same. That which one is experiencing … is experienced for the Whole.

ALL that is taking place in one person’s life is like ‘taking one for the team.’ Everything that you are now working through, is ridding the planet of all the ‘stuff’ that HAS TO BE RELEASED in order for the pathway ahead to be clear.

With respect … Haven’t we been doing that for the last few decades and then some?

Keep in mind, Blossom, you and everyone else aware of their Light are not just dealing with a few fibs here and there or a little bit of jewellery theft.

You are dealing with the dark side of the WHOLE! You are choosing to be part of the removal system of all that has fallen into the pit of misery, greed, hate, … shall we go on?

No need, yet, yes, please do, just out of interest.

Jealousy, lust, pride, deceit. ALL that is below the line of that which is acceptable.

We previously expressed to you that this coming year would be a most interesting one in many forms of itself. One thing after another shall be presented to you as those of lesser Light … much lesser Light … struggle to redeem their status of power and control over the populace.

You have a virus which is ‘spreading’ in your world …

The Coronavirus?

This is its given name.

I felt you wanted me to look up the meaning of the word ‘Corona.’ (Gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars … or ‘of the crown.’)

Interesting name. Considering there is much talk of solar flares and the sovereignty of a country that is under much strain due to news that has been leaked out. All that you are told goes much deeper than has so far been offered. Yet, it shall be revealed and there shall be no stopping these condemnations as they flow forth.

So, the virus?

A decoy! Put in place to mask rescue missions of those ‘under the thumb!’

‘Under the thumb’ meaning being controlled or dominated by someone. So, to speak as it is … you are saying the virus was put in place to take the attention away from those of darkness who are about to be ‘caught.’

Correct, Blossom.

Yet, nonetheless the virus is a real thing that is killing people!

As with many viruses that have been concocted to cause great alarm and fear, there will always be ‘some medical situation’ that is made prominent at a time suitable for undercover agents to slip through the bar and slip away unseen.

So much that is presented in your world is that of a decoy nature. So much!

Then the fear that builds, feeds itself until this particular threat ‘dies down’ and those who created it sit happily in the knowing that once again their mission was successful.

Most of you who are aware KNOW all this.

May we ask … whenever you have heard about this virus or anything else, or seen it on your news, what have you felt? How have you reacted?

Well, to be honest … I very rarely watch the news, yet, if someone mentions it, I feel very unsympathetic, for I know it is just a ploy. Even though people are dying, I feel unattached somehow. It is just another part of the game and I am on the winning team.

Of course, the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM mantra comes into play at all times. For that which I cannot fully understand or accept is so very much ‘eased in strength’ by doing so.

Saying this mantra allows me to stop questioning and pondering about it all and just BE (the Light and the Love.) Over and over again in every situation I say it and I know many, many are doing the same.

Yet, what you do not know is the difference it is making to yourselves, each other and your Planet. When you continue to do so, you realise that you are not ‘falling for/under the spell’ that is deliberately designed to trap you. YOU ARE FREE OF IT … just by saying/feeling these few simple yet so very Powerful words.

Dearest Blossom and all Souls of Earth who are struggling through these times … let the strength that lies within the coding of this mantra guide you safely home. Use it as you are doing throughout … not just your daily circumstances … yet use it throughout your Entire Being.

Let it become you. For you are THE LIGHT. THE LOVE. THE I AM presence in human form. Here to make the change into your Brighter world.

The particular Energies that are around at the moment shall subside and settle for a short time, yet, then, Dearest Ones … A STORM OF GREAT MAGNITUDE SHALL BREAK and THEN shall you gather forces to see yourselves through.

I am assuming you mean storm, metaphorically?

Yes. Yet when it arrives you will know why we used this as its sign.

Is this to come soon? I don’t believe I just asked that! I should know so much better.

We cannot give dates as you know. This ‘storm’ is a build up of events … and as each one ‘becomes exposed’ … the bigger the uproar which then leads to ‘the final straw’ … for want of an easy way of description.

Yet it is to be this year?

We feel quite sure of this … yet, as you know Blossom … nothing is written in stone.

This year is to be the year of all years from the point of view of changes on a massive scale.

We trust your hats are firmly secured …

They will obviously need to be … judging from all that is going on for everyone in one way or another at the moment. It’s a strange feeling of surrendering to what is. No point in fighting it. It seems to be a one-day-at-a-time scenario and then I get into bed and the minute I close my eyes, my mind says, I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM … Happy to have gotten through another day … somehow. Yet knowing, also, this is just the beginning.

You Know your strength. Each one of you can FEEL it from deep within. You can FEEL now that al the preparation you have ‘endured’ was leading up to these times, as you walk into the unknown/known segments of this journey of your lives.

We LOVE you. We are excited to watch the Glorious outcome unfold.

And so many Love you. Hope to bump into you one day … perhaps hitch a ride? In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The audio for this channelling will be posted below shortly.

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Ter ‘Aka of the Blue Avians via Galaxygirl, February 2nd, 2020

Ter ‘Aka of the Blue Avians via Galaxygirl, February 2nd, 2020

Ter ‘Aka of The Blue Avians via Galaxygirl | February 2nd, 2020

Ter ‘Aka of The Blue Avians 02/02/2020

I am seeing the Blue Avians surrounding Gaia in blue spheres. I am seeing them working with light codes and light language, adjusting the streams of light from the cosmos such that the light workers can best receive this light in their crowns. I am seeing light language code and symbols descend linearly into the crowns of the light workers on glowing white linen.

Greetings galaxygirl, greetings human friends. We are the Blue Avians. I am Ter ‘Aka . We are showing this one some of the work that is being done so that humankind can best adapt to these upgrades. You have been sick, many of you, or feeling ill because of many clearings, many upgrades. For stuck energy must be moved and it is moving. You are moving up in frequency very fast many of you, and your bodies are trying frantically to keep up. We are here today to remove the frantic, to ease the sickness of the ascension symptoms for many of you have been praying for healing, for assistance during this challenging time. January felt very long, like a year to many of you. And indeed your perception and experience of time has been shifting. It is shifting slowly but surely into the now, so that what you feel is simply now. That is why compartmentalizing time which humans have always done within a time matrix, is perplexing for time is behaving differently, as you are more and more outside of it. For you are doing your astral cleaning, you are working nightly many of you, and you are waking up more exhausted than when you fell asleep. And yet many of you are not sleeping for your bodies are busy integrating these codes of light, as this one has been seeing. Soon you will remember the hieroglyphic symbols of light, the light language codes of many you will begin to speak, to remember. Telepathy you will begin to adapt to with ease and grace.

I am Ter ‘Aka. I am female. I am here as representative of our kind to your kind. Many have spoken through other channels and many of the galactic federation, masters, teachers are now actively speaking in your channeling community. We are all finding our voice, our best path to speak with you. For we all have connections with our grounded team. We are all serving with the objective of ascension, of assistance through the energetic birth canal. I am the first blue avian female that I am aware of that has spoken in this manner. The time of the female is rising, soaring now. The divine feminine comes in all forms, all sizes, all shapes. The divine mother is here in full force now and it is most exciting of a time to bear witness.

I am Ter ‘Aka. You are not alone. You are surrounded in the skies and underfoot with light forces. Gaia herself is a major source of light now. We suggest that you utilize her tuning fork ability and tune into the higher vibrations by walking barefoot, by being outside when you can, for it will assist you. There are many modalities of healing. Pick one or two and claim your success. Claim your alignment with Source, with your highest self. Claim the light and then all things, all circumstances will be in alignment to serve you vibrationally with healing. Choose healthy foods, plenty of water. Choose fruits and vegetables. Choose to eat consciously. Fill your food with light before consuming, blessing it, thanking it, and such blessing will in turn bless your cells nurturing them deeply. For your bodies are not the same as they were last year. They are vibrating higher. Tinnitus, aches pains, dizziness, extreme fatigue, continually sinus clearing, palpitations – there are many side effects physically with ascending within a physical form and you must care for your bodies for them to withstand the flash. The older and the infirmed will perhaps be assisting from the other side for their bodies will simply not be able to keep up, to vibrate high enough on this side of life. Much death, much transition is happening and will happen. For the illusion is shattering, is moving, is morphing into the light which is truth. We do not say this to impart fear, but so that you may emotionally prepare for these coming changes. The illusion of the mist is being cleared away the by the wind of the light which is clearing the air, quite literally.

Herald to the light! I am Ter ‘Aka. With permission, I will touch my hand to your third eye igniting it further. Allow in these light codes of peace and be comforted. Allow these light calibrations to further assist in ways unbeknown to you. Accept the healing. You need not understand all effects, simply trust and know and decree:

“All physical symptoms are occurring for my benefit for my healing, for ascension within the body in the most perfect most glorious and most divinely perfect way possible. I accept my ascension. I will not fight it. I will allow the healing light codes and I will be at peace in all circumstances. For stress I banish. I am done with it. I choose peace now and the experience of the adventure of inner peace in a deep and cleansing way. I accept and welcome all of the blessings that Mother Father God, that the universe full of my galactic friends and family has to offer me. I am choosing excitement and happy expectation of all good things.”

Breathe this in. It is a lovely high vibe alignment for you. It is far too easy to align with that which does not serve. Consciously choose the light in every breath. Visualize these light language codes happily coming in glowing bright into your crown filing your body with light. And all around you will benefit.

I am Ter ‘Aka. The divine feminine is rising, equal, strong with her male counterpart of light. Exciting times are ahead for the grounded ones. Look for the good things and they shall happily find you. Be aligned with the vibration of peace. I am Ter ‘Aka.

~ galaxygirl

Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart, February 2nd, 2020

Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart, February 2nd, 2020

Ashtar Sheran: “It was difficult to ask some to go to be the energy holders on a dying planet, however you volunteered and the universe and all within her thank you.”

I am Archangel Michael, Divine Warrior of the Light, at your service.

Yes, we must keep restating this over and over: you are not doing your work alone. We are always with you, by your side, helping you walk through the lower densities until you rise again to see the Truth of the Light.

We stand by you, we watch over you, we protect you until you can protect yourselves. We are your guardians, your servants and your guides, those forces of the LIght that have come to earth with you to love and protect you as you walk your difficult paths.

I was with Sharon and have been all her life, fending off the dark as it attacked her again and again, while she was aware of who she is and while she wasn’t. I was there, Hieronymous and Jerimul, her principality and her throne, were there for her. Always holding her hand as she walked towards the Light and out of the darkness.

The dark had plans for her, as it does for all of you, to descend her into the depths of its hell and yet she has persevered and has triumphed over the dark in her life. I came to her one night, as she worked through her dark night of the soul, and stood watch over her and kept the demons of Hell away from her, allowing her to transmute her pain. She didn’t know who I was, but I knew who she is, and that is all that’s important to we, the servants of God.

We love you as our own children. We love you for the work that you do and the goodness that you are.

We care for you as we care for ourselves. No harm will come to you. This is not God’s plan – to have you harmed. That is the plan of the dark. Align with the Light and the dark cannot touch you.

Your world is turning now, turning around to face the Light of the sun, not the darkness of your moon. You will rise up and rebalance this planet as it has never known. The heavens will sing songs of glory as we do now at your triumphs.

Do not fear. Fear is the enemy. Find a reason to love all and send a message to them. Love is all there is. There is nothing else.

I remain, Archangel Michael

I love you all. Call on me and my forces when you are in need of us.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, February 1st, 2020

Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, February 1st, 2020

Your Portals | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Me: Ivo, can you please fill me in on this. Other people will want to know as well, maybe they’ve even seen portals around them. I’ll put up a sketch I drew of the portal. Of course it’s out of perspective because the portal is actually on the ceiling but I made it look like it was facing outwards because I wanted people to see the detail in it. All the flying zed’s in the portal. At first I didn’t know what this strange thing was. The whole thing was circling around the overhead light, and it dwarfed it!

Ivo: Yes, my love. We will discuss this. It is indeed your portal and you were told this.

Me: Seeing a circle with strange patterns floating around in it wouldn’t be even odd considering some of the things I’ve seen but why did I start seeing it?

Ivo: Because you were being shown what in fact you are using to get to my ship at night. Every time you fall asleep your astral body rises up into the portal. That is why it is above your bed.

Me: Hmmm. Maybe you should put it in the bathroom considering how many trips I make at night time. LOL.

Ivo: (Blatantly ignoring my comment.) It is an instantaneous journey, my love. It takes no time at all to enter into the portal and to reach my ship.

Me: But am I safe? (Intuiting that my insistence on being safe is fear-based. I’ve lived here too long.)
Ivo: Of course.

Me: So explain to me, Ivo, then what is a portal? How does it differ from a star gate? The earth has portals too.

Ivo: My love, and to all who are listening, you are so accustomed to thinking of your lives in terms of time and of space. The portal actually transcends all of time and space. As I said, the trip is instantaneous, as well as the fact that you do not have to traverse space. You are not going through your atmosphere, you are not flying by airplanes, unless that is how you choose to travel. There are some who astral travel with the birds and planes but this is because this is the point of their journey. A few times Sharon has astral projected into my ship and she saw herself flying over the mountains as I am in the western United States, she saw the blue sky and she enjoyed the feeling of the air.

Me: I took the slow way.

Ivo: You took the slow way because your conscious mind did not realize there is a portal which you can use to circumvent time and space. It is in effect, zero space, zero gravity, it is just energy and it is energy configured to take you to…yes…what is in effect another specified energy, which is my ship. It is energy which attracts energy, you being the energy.

Me: I doubt that that’s clear.

Ivo: When you travel through time and space you think it will take 15 minutes to reach the Rockies and my ship which is in space above the earth. You think of it as you would an airplane flying and you are in the seat of the airplane. However traveling via a portal is simply one energy point to another energy point. There is no space and time.

Me: Okay. That I get. Like Point A to Point B instantaneously. But are there coordinates?

Ivo: No, there are no coordinates. This is how portals are constructed. They have end points but basically no middle. There is no traversing a portal. There is no space between the points. It is instantaneous. You are here to there in a flash.

Me: So why not the other way then? The airplane way?

Ivo: Because you are using quantum navigation, my dear.

Me: Aha. So there’s not always a portal between two points, sometimes you go the slower way.

Ivo: If such could be said of our travel, slow…. Slow does not really describe it. You have astral traveled before and it was instantaneous as well. You went to what you consider to be your future. You saw your house, the one we will be using as a space port. And you were amazed because at the time you did not consider yourself a country person.

Me: So, why show me this portal then?

Ivo: Your summary is correct, my dear. The amnesia is lessening. You are beginning to remember more of your current life with me, and you already know of some of your past lives, if you wish to call them that.

Me: True. My other incarnations.

Ivo: You are learning in such a way that goes from most recent to least recent.

Me: So time does exist.

Ivo: To you it does. You understand as you have astral projected through your lives that time does not exist. You see one lifetime as clearly as the other. Your mind sees it as history and you are attempting to understand which life came before the other but in fact they are simultaneous. You can step from one to the other in a flash. This is also quantum. (Notice he said “you see one as clearly as the other,” not as “the next.” ETs don’t think in terms of time. They think in terms of possibilities.)

Me: So why are there funny zed’s in my portal?

Ivo: Energy signatures. The energy appears to physical eyes as looking like zed’s (or Zee’s for Americans).

Me: Does it make a sound?

Ivo: Yes, it has a frequency but hearing it is not your strength.

Me: Does it sound like music?

Ivo: You could call it that, but it does not sound like the Rolling Stones.

Me: Maybe they have their own portals. I fell asleep today and I saw myself doing something that reminded me of driving but it wasn’t driving a car. There was no steering wheel. I was navigating some kind of vehicle.

Ivo: Yes. You are beginning to remember. Shall we leave it at this and allow you to explore further, then you can come up with your own conclusions. (I was in a healing booth, I found out later.)

Me: Okay. So what do we want to tell the listener about portals?
Ivo: You all have one. Your personal portal. And it goes to your ship. Whatever ship you are aligned with when you go at night time, your portal will take your astral body there, as Sharon’s does. Everyone has such a portal.

Me: Does the portal follow you around or is it over your bed?
Ivo: It is in the vicinity of the person. It is always near you. Should you leave the house, it will follow you so to speak.

Me: A stalker portal. Okay.

Ivo: Suppose you should wish to leave your body during the day and go to your ship, your portal must take you. When you are in school and you begin daydreaming, you are often gone into your portal.

Me: So daydreamers aren’t really conscious?

Ivo: No. Do you feel your body when you daydream?

Me: No, not really.

Ivo: You are in a higher state.

Me: A higher state but I don’t go to my ship.

Ivo: You could.

Me: So there are higher states of consciousness and there are portals to take the light body to other locations.

Ivo: Yes. You have options.

Me: I guess the reason I’m seeing this portal is because I’ll be doing that.

Ivo: Yes, we would like to teach you to use this portal and come to the ship during your altered states of consciousness, during meditation.

Me: Oh, okay. Cool! So what about the earth’s portals?

Ivo: Yes, you can access one and go to other places.

Me: I don’t hear about too many people jetting out into portals and going to Sirius yet.

Ivo: You have. What do you think happened to the people who flew over the Bermuda Triangle?

Me: But that took their physical bodies too.

Ivo: Yes, they can go through a portal.

Me: Oh okay! So when you see images of a ship taking a person up from the surface during abductions, this isn’t a tractor beam…

Ivo: It is a portal they have created. There is artificial technology to do this as well.

Me: Wow. Space age!

Ivo: My love, there are star gates… such as you see in your sci fi, you walk through and you are in another point in history or you are on another planet or you set your mind to a place and the star gate simply gets you there. Time travel and travelling to other planets or dimensions is easy.

Me: I went to this pink place once, now that I think of it.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: What was that place? It was pink and I was doing astral somersaults all over. I felt very good, happy and free.

Ivo: You were back home.

Me: Wow! Really?! (Actually, we never left heaven, we just think we have. We’re very connected.)

Ivo: Yes. You went to where you call heaven. It was bliss.

Me: Why didn’t I see anything?

Ivo: Would you have come back if you had seen how wonderful it is?

Me: True.

Ivo: My love, your people are mind wiped, yes, because if you remembered all the details of what you left, you would never do your work. You would be too depressed living on earth.

Me: (Tapping my foot with arms crossed.) Uh huh.

Ivo: You came to work. You came to help a people survive where 5 times before, the race had died off.

Me: Okay. I’m looking for brownie points for doing this.

Ivo: It all is recognized. Your soul will reap the benefits of what she has done.

Me: You mean what I have done.

Ivo: You are your soul, my love. Begin to think that way.

Me: My soul is a cat.

Ivo: And you are her incarnation.

Me: My weird life. Okay, thank you Ivo. I hope this gives people some idea about their portals. You all have one, seen or unseen.

Ivo: Yes. You have seen yours twice already.

Me: Yes. Can anyone else use my portal?

Ivo: I can.

Me: That’s because we’re the same DNA.

Ivo: We are the same quantum spark, shall we say. Your DNA is very different from mine as you are now.

Me: Okay. Thanks Ivo.

On our website there’s a document written by Rick Jewers describing your divine gifts and how to access them. Link will be under the video.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

Message From the Angels via Ann Albers, February 1st, 2020

Message From the Angels via Ann Albers, February 1st, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You need not fear your world. You need not fear one another. You need not fear your politics, your economy, or even the instability of the earth upon which you live and breathe, for each and every one of you is always and forever guided.

If, without fear, you intend to be safe, protected, and to allow your path to unfold in grace, then so it shall be. If instead you worry and harbor fears about everything and anything, then sadly dear ones, there are many in this world and in other dimensions, willing to match those vibrations.

A fearful thought or two won’t attract much mishap or mischief, but a fearful obsession will. A brief worry comes and goes, but a constant one builds a negative blueprint that invites like vibrations to support that worry.

We in the heavens never, ever, send you into spaces to match your worries and fears. We try to protect you from them in every moment. It only takes the briefest second of peace, faith, and trust in Divine Guidance to receive it. It only takes a few minutes to plug back into that unending stream of love.

Try it now. Breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe in the eternal flow of love. Breathe out love. Breathe into your heart and then slowly exhale. Quiet your mind simply by focusing on your breath. Breathe slowly and deliberately, in and out, until you feel at peace.

Now in a state of peace, think of a decision you have to make. Imagine yourself making one choice. Breathe. How do you feel? If you feel good you are being guided in that direction. If you feel bad, your internal compass is saying, “This might not be such fun.” If you feel neutral, the situation is neutral.

You can do this simple exercise anytime you have a choice. At all times your guidance is working. You are never without it. You will feel it most clearly when you are at peace. Love is always beckoning you on the most joyful path and cautioning you away pain.

So next time you catch yourself fearing anything – be it the weather, the politics, the economy, your boss’s mood, or that stranger on the corner, then dear ones, stop. Breathe. Wait until you are at peace. If you can tap into this peace often, or better yet, exist in a state of peace, then you will have nothing to fear at all, because in this peace, guidance is always steering you towards greater love and joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels