Month: March 2018

Gaia’s Ascension

Gaia’s Ascension


To just breathe at times is often more than good enough. To not be in a state of dread or misery is the goal of many, for to relax back knowing that you will be at peace is certainly a very comforting feeling. It is pleasant to feel cozy and safe, holding that light and warmth within. It is reassuring to bask in that light, being in unity with the divine mind and soul. It is in that love that the creation is possible, for love is the highest and love conquers all. It has been said over and over throughout time, but it is true: Love — and the truth — will set you free.

Liberation and freedom is what we will surely have, as that is the will of the majority, and that cannot be taken from us. Our planet is ascending and entering into a higher vibration, and surely everyone can feel it. The planet has been transitioning into a new part of the galaxy which has been advancing up into more elevated dimensions. The consciousness of the people has been expanding and gaining solidarity. It is the will and desire of our planet earth — or Gaia — to ascend positively, for she has been hurt many times in the past and is now in need of a great healing. The planet and the people, as well as the animals, have been through too much suffering, and now is the time to bring back in the holy, soothing light for all.

Nothing can stop Gaia’s ascension now. It is the will of the One. It is for the peace and the love and for everything that we could possibly imagine. It is for the whole creation, because, once again, everything is at stake. We are all a part of that interwoven and interconnected whole. To know and act on that truth will usher in inner peace and the ultimate happiness. We are all reflections of each other — of the same One being, the same One entity. There is no going beyond the Source, so why should we continue to fight ourselves?

In the distant past, many have prophesied about the future; about our now; about the magnificent shift that would come with The Event. The time for that nears closer and closer. It is literally right around the corner. We are in the final phase now, the final sequence towards complete freedom. The love is winning. The Golden Age is now. Everywhere around you, look, see, feel, and know the positive changes that are growing in and on this glorious, blessed planet. It starts inside you and either grows or wavers depending on your attitude. You have a choice: You can lift yourself up higher and be One with God’s Loving Light, or you can go the other way into separation and loneliness. Inevitably, though, all will one day choose to ascend again, in this life or the next.