Month: February 2018

Don’t Give Up The Hope

Don’t Give Up The Hope


At times, life may be low and difficult, especially lately with how we still stand in the world. This is when we, the lightworkers, must stay resolute and not give up the most. Don’t give up the hope; don’t give up the vision; don’t give up the dream. Some days can be downright hellish in their own ways, but we must resist the urge to break down and disintegrate in defeat and despair. Summon all the reserves of light within you to come out victorious and content. We are so very close to the final victory.

To persevere when conditions are insufferable is to trust in the supreme love and benevolence of the creation. Some moments it is almost impossible to see this; at other moments it is effortless. Sometimes you may question why everything is so terrible, and at other moments you may be in an euphoric Heaven which you don’t want to leave from. Must it always be up and down? Are we not One? Can it all be fully whole and divinely perfect again? The majority will speak and decide. The will of the many outweigh the will of the few.

Mentally and emotionally go back to a time when you were happy and at peace. How did it feel? What was going on? How high and ecstatic were you? If you ever feel depressed and sad, go back to that fulfilled place in your mind and soul. Know that there will always be that happiness and love. Know that we never really die. All is well and all will always be well. No matter what, everything happens for a distinct reason and is ultimately for a loving purpose.

Even if it’s storming or sunny, everything will always be fine as it should be. Don’t worry, for that eternal, tranquil peace is inside you permanently. We are no longer prisoners to the darkness. We are free like the highest soaring birds, like the brightest shining stars. Every passing moment the hope and the positive faith grows and solidifies. It is only through love that anything exists or matters. Never let go of that sweet, precious love, for the time for the dream is now.