Month: November 2017

Go Into The Heart For Peace Of Mind And Serenity

Go Into The Heart For Peace Of Mind And Serenity


It seems that most people on the planet have still not found true inner peace. But that is changing quickly. Too many people focus only on the brain and the mind and, as a result, incur excessive stress and disillusionment. The brain and the mind are not everything, although they are important in their own ways. The center — the heart — can be seen as more significant because without that center and balance an individual will find no peace or peace of mind at all and, as a result, will always be miserable and lying to themselves. There have been more than enough lies already. It is time for the truth. The truth will fully liberate us.

Breathe deeply and be calm. Exhale and let your body sink down in stillness and relaxation. Don’t be afraid to be calm or without fear; don’t anticipate any new fear or anxiety. Let your being simply be in awareness and in love. As you breathe, see and experience these feelings get stronger. Don’t be frightened to be in that state of love and bliss. This is the highest, most natural state of being. It is the original state; it is the One original thought. Fear and negativity really only exist not to cause us an endless hell of suffering, but to make the One original thought more substantial and whole. Without some challenges the love and the euphoria would stagnate and become dull and perhaps even boring over an infinite amount of time.

Please, don’t worry at all anymore. You should be alert and aware but, please, don’t let the anxiety and fear consume you any longer. The negativity may have served an old purpose in the past, but it is now time for the new. The New Atlantis grid around our planet continues to strengthen with each passing moment. We will know an immaculate utopia and paradise on Gaia once again. It is a most blessed time indeed! Our greatest and sweetest dreams will become a solid and real reality and no longer just a wistful fantasy. What an amazing time it is to be alive! Hang on just a little more! The time for these marvelous visions is now. You know looking inwardly that it is true. We have been patient and we have persevered a long time. Our great reward and jubilee is near.

Go inside into the heart. Go back to your Source. We all come from the same Source. We are all One. You are not separated and you are not alone — ever. Even the most wicked and malevolent can find their way back home. It is not because they truly enjoy being that way; it is because they have been hurt in the past and need to heal again, facing the light. It is understandable. We do have free will but we need to deal with the consequences of our actions. This is the balancing of the creation and the universe. Ultimately, it is not to cause any harm but to bring about more love and more unity. This is the purpose and this is the reason. Please, stop overthinking and stressing out. Your mind and your heart can both be fine at the same time because you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Go into your heart, friend, and find your serenity.