Month: June 2017

The Light Grows

The Light Grows


The New Age dawns, growing and gaining in solidarity. The light and the love are winning, for the old days of darkness and tyranny are over. The Golden Age can not be stopped or delayed any longer. This is the truth and this is the law. Nothing can stop our ascension now. Rejoice, for the great light has returned! The grand love washes over us and let no man, woman, or child be exempt from this wave of love!

In our lowest and most desperate moments of suffering, we have often questioned “God” and blamed others or ourselves, to eventually turn to the light and know the real answers. There is no going outside of our Oneness, nor is there escaping our connectivity. Balance shall be brought to the force for justice is always served for the greater good.

In our love we go into, and into our light we return. Duality and separation are illusions. The truth is that not only is fact stranger than fiction, but, really, there is only love, even in our hate or fear, albeit a bizarre, shallow love it is sometimes, indeed! If you really think this through, you will realize that everything is fundamentally there to make us better.

The veil being our old prison dissolves, liberating all those on earth — or Gaia, as some would call it. As our light grows within, so it does out beyond in the endless reach of space and consciousness. As above, so below. Let the light grow and let it envelope us in its infinitely divine love! The Golden Age is here, so let us celebrate!

The Monumental Goal

The Monumental Goal


Free your mind; free your spirit; free your inner essence from the shackles of fear, doubt, and negativity.

Let your being soar to new, unlimited heights in all of the light, glory, and bliss; let your body be comfortable and at ease.

Do not censor yourself in shame; do not seek to destroy yourself or others; embrace infinite love and Oneness, and release anger and hatred. If everyone were to do this, even if only one person at a time, the whole world would quickly become united and there would be an everlasting world peace, as well as an eternal paradise.

The process of this has already begun in earnest, so now we continue to persevere with our minds and hearts continually focused on the end goal being the magnificent vision we hold for ourselves and each other. Of course, the journey is just as important as the final destination.

Embracing love for one another and a divine patience, we find and gather the mental, physical, and spiritual strength to keep pushing on and smiling despite all pain and problems in our never-ending story.

Imagine One World

Imagine One World


When the whole world is One, every human being and animal will know true love and peace, as well as infinite abundance.

There will be no more wars and murder, no more hunger, no more financial tyranny, and no more suffering and lies.

All the advanced, hidden technology will be released by our galactic friends, and all of the world will positively transform overnight.

Imagine: handheld replicators that could replicate any food or drink or object as many times that you wanted (and which would make the need for money obsolete)!

Imagine: healing technologies that can heal and cure the populace of all ailments and diseases, mental and physical.

Imagine: free, limitless energy to expand the planet and reach out to the cosmos.

Imagine: the perfect balance between technology and nature.

Imagine: not having to slave away at some 9 to 5 job for all your life just to survive, but to be able to spend the majority of your time doing what you want to do in leisure and in your hobbies instead!

Imagine: One world — One love — and boundless happiness for all.

Could you imagine the intensity of those high, euphoric vibrations on the entire planet? It would be Heaven, indeed!

Who Are The Blue Avians?

Who Are The Blue Avians?



Also known as Ra or Ra-Tier-Eir, the Blue Avians are a benevolent extraterrestrial race who are a part of the positive Sphere Being Alliance. In ancient Egyptian times, they were depicted as humanoid beings with a large beaked bird’s head. They, along with the Galactic Confederation, are currently aiding humanity and life on this planet, helping in its ascension and liberation process from the dark, negative forces that have plagued it for thousands and thousands of years.

They do not want to be idolized or seen as “saviors” or “gods”. Their message is simple: love one another; forgive yourself and one another; be more compassionate and in service to one another; and raise your vibrations on a daily basis. If we do this the whole world will awaken to become One, and will become a paradise and a utopia.

You Are Your Savior

You Are Your Savior


Do not look outside yourself for “gods” or “saviors” to come down and save you or humanity, whether they be extraterrestrials or spirits.

Look within for the answers and the change that you seek; be that change and act on that change.

When the earth has done the above first, humanity on this planet will be fully awakened and they — our positive galactic family — will come down and show themselves.

The Beginning And The End

The Beginning And The End



The beginning and the end are clad in mystery.

In the beginning, there is and was Infinity. This Infinity sub-divided, became self-aware, and became you, me and everything.

The dimensions or octaves go from 1 to 8 and beyond — infinite in number and sub-octaves.

We are all connected and we are all One.

All is cyclical in nature.

The beginning and the end are clad in mystery, and that is the greatest secret.

Let Us Heal

Let Us Heal


Even in our most bittersweet sadness and depression, we still find that the creation gives us the light to jump back up into high and excited spirits. All are expressions and reflective facets of the One. There are no mistakes and no real regrets except those ultimate pips which serve as learning lessons and stepping stones to the ever higher and higher awe-inspiring ecstasies and loves of the creation expanding, variegating, unifying — perfecting.

We all like to act and role play, playing the characters and archetypes we choose in order to more fervently experience the numbing, tear-stimulating beauty and superlative love of All That Is, which we are all combined to form the whole of. When a discrete one within the One tries to tear up and control and marginalize all that beauty and bliss, that one or group of ones will experience immense pain and torment. But all for what? For simply power and not much else? What real use is it, at all?

Those ones have caused too much suffering upon the majority and will not be allowed to cause any more harm whatsoever. The time of the supreme light is near — nearer than we think. Every breath takes us closer to the essence of the God/Goddess — to the unity of full consciousness and to a true love that only a handful of us have been able to know on this scarred, precious orb.

Let us heal. Let us forgive. Let us clear our negative karmic debts and be fully free. Let us continue to ascend. Let us know life without limits beyond the veil and into the utter expanse of space, time, awareness, and enlightenment. Let us all be with our soul mates! And, of course, let us all be with our family and friends, laughing, enjoying each other’s warm company, without end…

Break Free From Fear

Break Free From Fear



Sometimes when you feel low and down, like from an unforeseen, inadvertent blow, know that it’s okay, it will always be okay — and, more than that, it will be great. Don’t let the muck bog you down for more than a little time. Don’t you see we have all the time, infinite time? But of course we would all want that scintillating, nectar vision of paradise now. When we look inside ourselves, we see again and again that we are a part of the problem too. Our fears and egos are like viruses, sicknesses, like those big, fat mosquito fly hybrids with the extra long praying mantis like legs as they silently buzz and rapidly rub their tiny black string fingers together. Oh, how I hate those motherf*ckers! But I kid. It’s only because when you kill the small one the next day a bigger one shows up seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s just like with our fears and egos. The more we keep feeding them, the more they keep morphing and evolving and coming back to cause us more suffering. I’ve decided to end that cycle of fear. And if I can make that decision, then everyone on this planet can do it as well. You know all that fear and anxiety — what did it ever bring you? It brought you crushed love and broken dreams, that’s it. All those incorporeal cesspools only brought you pain and darkness, and the funny thing about it is that they were all just dirty lies and illusions. If you don’t feed the fear they can’t harm you — period.

Of course it’s not easy. We’ve been bred on butter and fear for a long time. However, just as long and laborious as the 26,000+ year quarantine and imprisonment on earth was, just as quickly that artificial Hell can dissolve and clear, bringing in a kind of dream world, a dream life, a Heaven that we, so far, could only experience as a 2D mirage as some wistful fantasy, some seemingly sacrosanct impossibility barred from us formerly mere 3D servants. Those were the old days; in comes the new. The One chooses, the majority determines, for full liberation and full light it will be! Let us know the sacred dream, the ineffable love, forever…